Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Somewhat similar to the "Slammies", or Carlos Mencia's "Dee-Da-Dee" awards, I would imagine.

The Universal Indult Blog has awarded it's first three Post Summorum Pontificum Motard Awards. "Motard" is defined by the UIB as "any Catholic who, after the publication of the Motu Proprio, refuses to acknowledge either its existence, its pragmatic necessity, or its potential for good in the Church and the salvation of many souls".

Obviously the first award went to the Most Reverend Luca Brandolini for his tears shed over the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. There, there, Bishop. You'll get over it.

The second went to Fr. Anthony Cekada (who also is recipient of Father Z's Sour Grapes Award), who concluded that the MP is:
- Invalid.
- Part of a false religion.
- Pure poison.

The third went to the infamous Fr. Tom Reese, for such blurbs such as:
If the pope issues a Motu proprio allowing the use of the Tridentine mass without the local bishop’s permission, he is basically saying that he does not trust the pastoral judgment of the bishops.

Are there any more potential recipients? If so, send them to Kopp (owner of the Universal Indult Blog) via comment under this post of his.

UPDATE 7/11/07 5:00 PM EDT: I just nominated "Sister" Joan Chittister (who gives the OSB a bad name with her blurbs).


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Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Worthy recipients all.

BTW Brian you've been tagged.