Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ah yes - OCP's pick as (de)Composer of the Year at the latest NaPalM convention in Indy - who other than Marty Haugen! (RSCT to the Curt Jester)

Here we learn that Haugen came into working with liturgy not knowing a thing about it. (RSCT to Domini Sumus).

"A chaplain suggested that I apply for a Catholic church job. I said I didn’t know anything about the Catholic liturgy, and he said, well, these days, nobody does—you’ll feel right at home. And he was right."

"Growing up in the Lutheran Church, I knew and loved the psalms, but only as prayer texts and spoken texts, not sung. The first Sunday I came to the Catholic church, we were instructed to sing the psalm—interactively! I was struck during that service by how badly the people sang and how poorly written the psalm setting was. It was awful. I thought to myself—I could write this badly!"

And he does write that badly. Worse, his thinking on liturgy was from a Lutheran standpoint, and he inflicted that same thinking on Catholic liturgy - most contrary to what the Vatican teaches us.

What the hell was that chaplain thinking? And even today, what the hell is OCP thinking? I shouldn't be surprised, I guess. After all, "All Are Welcome" seems to be the typical liturgical intelligence these days.

Thank God for the Motu Proprio! While Haugen and pals are entertaining, we'll be worshipping!



Dad29 said...

More on that article at my place today:


Mr. C said...

Brian, you know I love to nitpick-
You were a younger pup when Mssr. Marty made the show, but not under the OCP aegis! His breakthrough opus, WITH OPEN HANDS, was via the Gregorian Institute of America! We can thank the collapse of NALR (Glory and Praise!) and absorption into OCP for the subsequent copyright sharing between the BIG 3, thus securing a safe harbor for your fav's like ALL BE WELCOME HEE-YAH, and MASSIVE CREMATION in OCP as well as the Chicagoland houses.

Brian Michael Page said...

Very true Charles. At one time Herr Haugen was big with GIA (thus the demise of GIA as we knew it in its Worship II heyday - when that hymnal's only real mistakes were much of the work of Sydney Carter) and the old Pastoral Arts Associates.

PAA is now sucked up by OCP, if I'm not mistaken. However, he's still the big brag in GIA-land, sadly.

The reason OCP got tagged in this post was because it was their award to give away.

Of course, if you want an OCP book that at least has no Haugen-D'Hass, JourneysongS is the way to go. GIA won't allow OCP to print their works in a permanent hymnal. There are only two drawbacks. 1) There would be no hope of Proulx's Community Mass in an OCP hymnal (bright side, no Massive Cremation). 2) You still have the Jesuits, Dameans, Landry, Farrell, and Beagle's Things.