Saturday, May 16, 2009


Basically what's implied to me.

Found out two days ago from a really good friend of mine that my favorite pastor was hiring. Found out today just before 4:30 Mass that said pastor already hired someone. The ad was published in the RI Catholic two weeks ago, but apparently it was only in the hard copy version, because it sure as hell wasn't in the online version, which I had been checking daily. I had been waiting for the opportunity for quite some time, and once again - screwed! I didn't bother to sing a note during the entire Mass. Kinda hard to do when you got a lump in your throat the size of a large meatball.

Meanwhile at the church in Worcester County, I had my interview this afternoon. That went over ok (or at least it seemed to go over ok), but there were a couple of flaws: 1) the post is only paying $25K a year. Do I really want to travel 45-50 minutes one way for a measly 25 grand?, and 2) there are still several more applicants, and a decision won't be made until mid-June. From my experience with competition, I predict that I should get my rejection letter via snail-mail in about two weeks. (About a year ago, mind you, I was rejected by a priest who told me that I "make the organ sing". Thus the inner pessimism.)

I'm currently contemplating giving up trying to be a musician, as I'm just totally fed up with being told (not in so many words) that I'm just a washed-up "used-to-be".


Unknown said...

You're not a "used-to-be" - you are still a very fine musician. Don't give up hope. It took me two years of waiting and praying, a bunch of migraines, etc., before I was directed to my current parish - which doesn't pay loads of money.

Give it time - and we'll give you our prayers.

Hang-in-ther, brother-in-snark.

Snarkus Unitus.
Long live the snark!!


Motherhen said...

Aww, Brian, you're not a has-been. I don't know why that parish didn't post their want ad on line, but tons of companies do that. They've already got someone in mind they want to hire, but they have to "advertise" the job per the law. They do as little advertising as possible, and then hire who they wanted anyway.

Something will come along. Believe me, if there's any "hope and change" it'll be in the Church. A change is a comin and things are going to be looking up. We just have to wait it out.

Take care,

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

God willing if I do become YM, I'm going to need a replacement for the band that I'll be firing on the first day of the job.