Sunday, May 3, 2009

Second Posting.....why this boundless energy????

Well, because I must truly be in a manic state.....almost three hours of sleep last night. Why, I know not..... anyway....

After our Noon Mass, guess who I met....
A husband and wife who sing - the wife has been a cantor. Why am I excited? Well, for starters, this couple (and their four young children) are very conservative. But that's not important, is it? The husband plays trombone, and KNOWS other brass players.

It's sad that I don't have any funds to pay for outside musicians to come to our parish, but have been given a word of advice from a parish musician (a great violinist): get the profs. to give credit to those students who perform publicly. May be easier said than done, but I'm going to work toward that end. Plus, with singers, the singers would get experience singing some of the vast treasury of polyphonic choral music in a liturgical setting. While we are almost entirely a Novus Ordo parish, there are times when Latin is the language of the entire Mass (sans Scripture and homily, which are in English). This could be great.

So anyway, the trombonist and the phys ed teacher (who is a classical guitar student), plus our student music teacher and the wife of the trombonist, are going to sing the Cesar Franck mini-masterpiece, Panis Angelicus. They'll be singing it twice: first on Pentecost, and then again on Corpus Christi Sunday. The Corpus Christi liturgy will be without the violins, but we might very well have a brass quartet.

To which I'd normally sing a simple amen. But since I'm hypermanic and in a good mood, and living in South Texas, will say a simple yeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The portable classroom building is now completed, so this week my office and music library will be moved from storage (thanks be to God) and put in the room (I get a complete one-half the trailer!!!). It will be nice to put my hands back on my music library again, and have a place to work.

God-willing, we hope to have the closing on our little house down the street (less than 1/10 mile!!) early next week. Which would be great, so that I don't have to shell out another $104 for the garage-sized storage unit for another 30 days.

God is good. And He's bigger in Texas. But of course, y'all.

Oh - a good friend (she and her husband are going to help with the removal of stuff) told me about her pastor's blog site. Check it out. The title of the blog is wonderful. Dagnabbit, I wish I could have done that before him.

Okay - I have to find it. Will post the link later.


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