Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't say Bull***t if you don't mean it

Notre Dame means it. They should call it what it is.... BULLS***. This entire issue of having the most liberal president of our late great country to not only speak there, but to receive an HONORARY degree.

To award someone an honorary degree somehow implies that there is honor for both parties: the donor, and the recipient. In this case, there is no honor. Only BULL****. Period.

Yes, some people will put away their check books and no longer donate to the damned notres. Others will only withhold funds for a short period of time and then move on.

Have you noticed that only a handful of our bishops have come out and publicly taken a stand on this issue?????? And how many do we have here?

B16 is not going to do anything if our own bishops won't. Where's the outcry from these guys? They're not supposed to use their b****, but they are supposed to at least act like they have set.

Why this rage today? Read on - note the foruth grade writing skill employed for the honorary degree. Maybe that's their tacky way of not putting the wording into ebonics (you know: I be, you be, we all be...). But not really. We know that. The only thing really good to come out of ND for years has been football, and that's not the purpose of having a Catholic institute of higher learning. Or is it?

Here's a clip from the article:
The honorary doctor of laws degree reads:
"A community organizer who honed his advocacy for the poor, the marginalized and the worker in the streets of Chicago, he now organizes a larger community, bringing to the world a renewed American dedication to diplomacy and dialogue with all nations and religions committed to human rights and the global common good.
"Through his willingness to engage with those who disagree with him and encourage people of faith to bring their beliefs to the public debate, he is inspiring this nation to heal its divisions of religion, culture, race and politics in the audacious hope for a brighter tomorrow."

So to end this rant and wrap things up with the title.... Don't say Bull**** if you don't mean it. The bishops here in the US generally don't mean anything. There are some good guys who are bishops, we know that. But the larger part of the lot is stinking full of stinking liberals who should take early retirement so that the Pope can appoint some men of valor and integrity.

So bullshit. I mean it. The honorary degree is it. Having the dufus speak there is it. To quote a brief passage from the old King James edition - "it stinketh."

This endeth.

Have a great day. Remember to have the clorox wipes out when you read about all this on the news today and in the days ahead.



Richard Chonak said...

Hey, I'm actually proud of the bishops. 70 of them (!) have confronted the phonies at ND about this issue. I can't name a case of truth-in-labeling where so many have shown backbone!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that this number of bishops responding to this travesty has risen over the past weeks. Still, though, it's a real shame that of the total number of bishops (still enthroned and those who are retired), is not higher. Thanks for pointing out the increase!