Sunday, May 3, 2009


9:30 AM Mass - May 3, 2009 - 4th Sunday of Easter
St. John the Baptist Church, Pawtucket, RI

As much as I may razz Paul the organist about Massive Cremation and Come Sailing Away (We are called), much of the music at St. John's is the reason I attend there. The organ (not piano or synthesizer or guitar) is used, and a bigger chunk of the music than most is music written in good taste. And yes, Paul does read CV the BLOG, and we do often joke about some of the posts here after Mass.

Anyhoo, I got to sing some good lost 45's from the pew today...

Deiss / All the earth proclaim the Lord
(Did I ever mention, I DO like much of the late Fr. Deiss' earlier works?)
Alstott / The Lord is my shepherd
(an ok setting, but the proper is The stone rejected by the builders, Psalm 118 (117))
The Boston Celtics Alleluia (now that they finally eliminated the Bulls yesterday - YAY!)
"St. Columba" / The King of love my shepherd is
Massive Cremation
"Brother James' Air" / The living God my shepherd is
(I LOVE the tune. That said, this is the THIRD musical setting of Psalm 23 we've sung today!)
"St. Elizabeth" / Beautiful Savior (I find this hymn absolutely GORGEOUS!)

So yeah, those good lost 45's - the Deiss, "Brother James' Air", and "St. Elizabeth" (for a hymn other than God's blessing sends us forth). "St. Columba" isn't a good lost 45. However, it IS a great standard.

One of the things I mentioned to Paul after Mass was the absence of Christ is made the sure foundation in the Music Issue. It was dropped in 2005 (grrrrrr!). It would have been a nice fit with the Old Testament lesson for today!


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Unknown said...

Really, I didn't know that it was dropped. My parish is too cheap to change Music Issues every year, so we have been using the 2003 one for 6 years. They are covered, and hold up pretty well. We did finally switch to the 2009 one, if i remember correctly.