Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Organ Won

By a long shot..... it was after the people sat, following the General Intercessions at Saturday Holy Mass, that the pastor announced, nicely, that after hearing the singing of the processional hymn, "the organ won." After which the congregation was "invited" (very nicely), to pick up the hymnals and sing. It didn't help matters that the hymn during the collection was "Glory Be to Jesus" (tune: Caswall/Wem in Wiedessomethingorother...they changed the tune name in The Hymnal 1982, but the good editors of the St. Michael retained the common name.)

Fortunately, after Benediction, I had begun to improvise on the tune (for about ten/twelve minutes), so after the people heard the tune announced in unison/octaves, they began to sing it, a bit timidly, but by the third stanza, were doing an admirable job at it. Of course, this means that next week, this hymn will be sung yet again. By Mass number six (next Saturday), I will have learned to play it (just a joke....).

But next week, the Sanctus and Agnus Dei settings will be changed. The "Heritage Mass" setting will be retired until after Corpus Christi Sunday, and be replaced by Mass XVIII. The memorial acclamation will be "Lord, by Your Cross...." sung to a modification of Vigiles et Sancti/Lasst uns erfreuen which I did many years ago. (The people really do sing this tune well - as a matter of fact, it was the basis for the setting of today's psalm, which the people sang very well.)

One other change that I've made is that I sing from the console with no microphone. The room is sizeable (seating is around 450), but still intimate, and my voice does carry (even when the frog jumps in when my mouth first opens at the 8am Mass). The people have been told that they must do their part, and that I will not sing for them.

I'm tempted to quote the president which many of these people voted for (and many are now repenting over their actions, I hasten to add)... "it's above my pay grade...."

Here's the run-down:
Processional: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling - Hyfrydol
Offertory: Glory Be to Jesus - Caswall
During the post-communion time: Regina Coeli
Recessional: Hail, the Day That Sees Him Rise - Llanfair
Postlude: Improvisation on Llanfair (in a set of renaissance-type variations).

There's always next week.

And yes, it is still hot here. And will be as you read this on Sunday afternoon and Monday...... but fortunately the city is enjoying a generous gift of "breezes" that have been fairly constant since October past.

May your bad day pass like gas, and allow a good wind to prevail.

Check here for more information - a fun-time from my ancient past (I remember when this recording hit the stands. We all had to have a copy of it, and change things for our choirs....)


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