Saturday, May 16, 2009


...especially when your radio is not on

My personal van has not had a working radio for quite some time, and lately I've been hard to find a decent radio station in my company truck that doesn't play a scammercial every few minutes. But you'll be surprised what gets stuck in my head when I'm driving alone. At one time, even something like All the earth proclaim the Lord got thrown in the mix. But mainly it's been anything by Raspberries - yes, any track off any of their four studio albums from the early 70's, and some really good Brian Wilson gems that were way ahead of his time when he wrote them. I'm talking Cabinessence, Heroes and Villains, God Only Knows, Caroline, No, and Surf's Up. BTW, for those who have never heard Surf's Up, this is NOT one of their earlier beach/car/teen songs from their peak days (a la Fun Fun Fun, California Girls, and 409). This is a four-minute three-movement masterpiece that was intended for an album called Smile - the album was shelved after a while in the late 60's, until Brian Wilson himself resurrected it in 2003.

Here's Surf's Up. Enjoy!

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