Sunday, May 24, 2009

Open Mouth - Insert Foot

So I was told for years that "Let it Be" by the Beatles was about good ol' marijuana..... so after a heck of a lot of "research" (I had fun checking out a bazillion sources), I read that McCartney was actually quoting from a dream he had of his mother (who had died when he was 14).... I've got to start cleaning my shoes off before opening my mouth....just in case.



Motherhen said...

I'm glad you researched that. I didn't think it was about drugs, but what do I know. I thought Lucy in the Sky W/Diamonds was just a trippy song about a place like Willy Wonka's candy factory!

Unknown said...

I guess we shouldn't get started on "Puff the Magic Dragon"..... lol. I heard all the crap about that for so many years, and then, PP&M rebuked all that on their PBS special (the one played for fundraising).... darnit. And I'd already written several variations on the labelled "avec lsd"....haha