Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Woooohoooo! Brian told me I did the 2300th posting. Yeeeehawl (you ahve to say that with a Texas drawl, of course, for full enjoyment).

Paul mentioned the school Mass situation she had experienced. For most Catholic schools this is a travesty.

At our local Cathedral, evidently the school kids (perhaps all the school "choirs" - a word I use lightly here) fill the loft, with the 90+ rank pipe organ. What do you think they have for accompaniment???????


When my pastor told me this, I just went into my arrogant self-aggrandizing mode and said, "THEY can do that. WE will not! Our children will be accompanied by the organ, nothing else." Then suggested that we invite Bishop Rene Gracida, Bishop emeritus of the diocese, to come here for a special Mass. He and the emeritus are on good terms, and that suggestion may come to fruition. There are those who might think that the emeritus Bishop is arrogant, etc., but he does expect good music, support his priests, etc.

I for one, will look forward to such a celebration at our humble parish. We will have, as usual, excellent participation, excellent altar servers, excellent lectors, (hopefully by then) an excellent choir to sing something special (a choral work not by Haugan-Haas Ice Cream Co., the St. Louis Jesuits, the Daymeans, etc., but perhaps, Faure, Bach, Mozart, or Langlais, Dupre, etc.). We will have incense, high ritual celebrated with great dignity and respect for the Triune God who has created us and given us a wonderful Church, by the suffering of Jesus Christ. And we will have a great attendance, as well.

And of course, other local parishes and schools who have liberalism in all their program and liturgies, mush for thinking and ignorance of staff, trash as music, will all be strangely absent from the experience. Deo Gratias.

And, probably, Ad orientem !!!!!!!

I'll let you know - we'll video tape it and post it to the site!


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