Monday, October 9, 2006


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Happy Columbus Day, folks. This is the BIG FIVE-OH! Enjoy the party! This episode is a bit of the epic variety (the first one in CV history to hit an hour).

In addition to partying, we dig out two old editions of the We Celebrate hymnal (1976 and 1986).

Also, Mary from Seattle, one of our regular readers who posts on our message board, was kind enough to leave us an audio message. I'll be sharing that with you here.

Feasts for the Week:
St. Denis and His Companions; St. John Leonardi; St. Callistus I
Music Lists: Nuptial Mass for Mike and Christina (two of our choir members), held last Saturday, and the Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

The Holy Ghost Choir sings two selections today:
Psalm 148 (with the antiphon Let all praise the name of the Lord, sung to Psalm Tone 8G)
Rejoice in the Lord Always, written by yours truly.
Special thanks to Jude and Maria, our cantors.

Commercials: Daily Breakfast, iPadre Podcast / Videocast, Disciples with Microphones
Top Ten List: Top Ten Highlights from the Past Fifty Episodes, brought to you by Nick Alexander, the "Catholic Weird Al".
Shamus wreckovates the In Voluntate Tua (Introit for Sunday XXVII) in Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin, brought to you by Inquisitor 5000.
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