Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Episode #53 of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE, which will be posted on Monday 10/30/06, will be part of an All Saints/All Souls Podcast Carnival, a group of podcasts on the common theme (All Saints/All Souls, in this case) by members of Disciples with Microphones.

Also, Podcast Alley has finally picked up the new feed, which means the semi-compulsory vote drive will be going on. Haven't come up with a jingle for it yet. Anyhoo, please please please - obviously we're pushing for exposure here in the Religion/Inspiration category. Any votes will be appreciated.

Link to go vote!

When you get there, just hit the "Vote Now" link and enter your e-mail address. The only correspondance you will get from Podcast Alley will be to confirm your vote. The purpose of that is to make sure your vote gets counted only ONCE per month (if you vote between today and 10/31, 11/1 starts a new month).

Would you please consider giving a vote to a bearded snarkasaurus? :D

PS: Thanks again to Rhapsody for faithfully promoting us!

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rhapsody said...

You are very welcome!

& congrats again on being picked up on Podcast Alley:)