Monday, October 2, 2006


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Our first show as Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! But since the 48 shows from our old podcast will be moving here as well, the numbering sequence shall remain unbroken.
iTunes and Odeo have picked us up. We're just waiting on Podcast Alley. Once we do that, the link on the main page will be fixed.

In today's show we are continuing on music that we wish would show up in OCP's annual music issue. Sections P through S. 35 titles, bringing the new running total to 202 over seven shows.

We have a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW intro. We also discuss the new digs a bit, then we proclaim the good news of two of our choir members getting married.

Feasts for the Week:
Guardian Angels; St. Francis of Assisi; St. Bruno;
Bl. Marie-Rose Durocher; Our Lady of the Rosary

Yesterday's Music: The 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

I Cieli Immensi (written by Benedetto Marcello)
The Worship of God in Nature (written by Ludwig van Beethoven)
Praise the Lord, ye Heav'ns, Adore Him (using three tunes: Hymn to Joy, Hyfrydol, and Austria)
Childlike Faith by Johnny Proctor, brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network.

Commercials: Catholic: Under the Hood, iPadre Podcast / Videocast, Disciples with Microphones
Shamus (yes folks, we dragged him along with us to our new digs) wreckovates the Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria Patri in Shamus' Adventures in Classical Latin, brought to you by Tith-O-Matic
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