Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Hat tip to Jeffrey Tucker of The New Liturgical Movement

The big fear??? The matter of "who's sending who?!"

If the majority of representatives attending this meeting happen to be the left wing sect of a certain organization, the reform of the reform may be in big trouble. Same goes with having a bevy of reps from Voice of the Faithful or Call to Action or (worst of all) NOW. We pray that, on October 9, those organizations who appreciate good liturgy and realize that the "reform of the reform" is needed will send ample representatives to help bring the liturgy back to its full sacredness.

Jeffrey Tucker states:
To be sure, something needs to be done. It is not widely acknowledged that dramatic musical changes that occurred after the early 70s drove millions from their parishes. This was a terrible tragedy that is rarely spoken about with any degree of frankness. In the last decades, the sad state of Catholic music has become fodder for comedy send ups, an embarrassment for the serious musicians who remain faithful Catholics, and the subject of many sermons and declarations from Church authorities.
Every effort has been made by Rome to stop the madness and restore some clarity to the issue.

Read his whole post here.


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