Saturday, October 7, 2006


OK, I'll claim post number 800 now! ;)

This Monday, yes folks, Columbus Day (Thanksgiving Day for our Canadian friends) is the day that the US Bishops begin consultation on the revision (hopefully, and in the right direction) of the U.S. documents Music in Catholic Worship and Liturgical Music Today.

Good news - two of the scheduled speakers will be the President and Vice President of CMAA!

Looking back at this document today, especially in light of the progress currently being made in accomplishing what the Second Vatican Council actually intended concerning music, one is struck by the notable ways in which the American document is contradicted by the teaching of Musicam Sacram, the General Instruction on the Roman Missal, and the statements by John Paul II and Benedict XVI concerning music.

The above quote comes from this post from Musica Sacra (CMAA's official blog). The post also points out three key points that support the above italicized paragraph. It's an excellent read.


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