Tuesday, January 9, 2007


The Alphabet Meme

Accepted tag by Dymnpha's Well.

[A is for age]: 42
[B is for beer of choice]: None. Never did get into drinking toilet water.
[C is for career]: Musician.
[D is for favorite Drink]: Coke, by the two-liter bottle.
[E is for Essential item you use everyday]: Computer, Van, toiletries, refrigerator and other appliances.
[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: Go All the Way by Raspberries (when I'm not in church, that is).
[G is for favorite Game]: Meal or No Meal, from addictinggames.com
[H is for Home town]: Pawtucket, RI
[I is for Instruments you play]: In church, the organ and voice, as well as a hand to conduct the choir. Outside of church, I also play piano, guitar, some bass, and a little bit of drums.
[J is for favorite Juice]: Apple.
[K is for Kids]: two boys (Christopher, 21, and Brian Robert, 13) and two girls (Jessica, 19, and Brittany, 9)
[L is for last kiss]: from my wife, just a few minutes ago.
[M is for marriage]: Very happily married to Ann.
[N is for full Name]: Brian Michael Page
[O is for Overnight hospital stays]: Two this decade already - April 2005 (the weekend Pope John Paul II died) to have my gall bladder removed (the news of JP2's death came while I was en route to the OR), and October 2006 for chest pains that I thought was a heart attack, but thankfully it wasn't.
[P is for phobias]: You name it. I've often been a firm believer in Murphy's Law.
[Q is for quote] You know not the day or the hour!
[R is for biggest Regret]: Quitting smoking, but I'm finally starting to get used to it, after almost a year now.
[S is for sports]: Spectator: baseball / Actually doing: bowling (I'm doing a doubles tourney with my son Chris, who is almost ready to join the PBA, this Saturday morning).
[T is for Time you wake up]: Monday through Friday: 7 AM (6:30 if I have a 9:00 funeral to play) / Saturday: unless I have something going, e.g. funeral, or in this Saturday's case, the bowling tourney with my son, I sometimes sleep in. Otherwise, I let the time of the event regulate when I set the alarm. / Sunday: 5:30 AM (my first Mass is at 7:30, so I'm out the door by 6:10 - I'm 25 miles from work one way, and less than half of it is highway.)
[U is for color underwear]: lately it's been printed boxers.
[V is for Vegetable you love]: Corn, especially frozen corn cooked in plenty of butter.
[W is for Worst Habit]: being my own worst critic. (I've been known to say that something I did at the organ really sucked, while others say it was fine)
[X is for X-rays you've had]: lately: stomach, chest
[Y is for Yummy food you make]: Hamburger helper, cheddar cheese melt species.
[Z is for zodiac sign]: Cancer (three of us - wife, son Chris, and self - are all Cancers).

Tag, your it! - anyone who reads this and has a few minutes to kill, hehehe!


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