Friday, January 19, 2007


Sorry so late!

I finally decided to make use of my own YouTube membership. Here are some video excerpts from the Christmas Season concert we did at Holy Ghost on 1/3/07.

Video clip #1 - an excerpt from Rejoice in the Lord Always (written by yours truly). Accompanist is longtime friend and mentor Reuel Gifford. Cantors are Jude Nagle and yours truly.

Video clip #2 - an excerpt from Cantique de Noel. Violinist is Conrad Briere, 85 years old and he can still go, go, go! :-)

Video clip #3 - an excerpt from Angels We Heard on High. Joining us on trumpet is Nick Fleming, and on vocals, the audience. This was from the carol sing segment with the audience.

Video clip #4 - an exceprt from The Worship of God in Nature by Beethoven. Don't mind the extra flapping at the beginning. From where the organ sits down back, it's not always easy for the accompanist to see the "big beat" flapping from the front.


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Brian Michael Page said...

Thank YOU, cast cantor. The only thing I thought was a bit screwy when I watched the videos myself was that the audio and video seem to be about a couple of pulses apart. I don't know if that was from my wife's camera or on YouTube's end. I'm thinking it's YouTube.
Glad to see your initiation rites went over well. Much closer to the ritual than that liturgeist-wannabe-fabricated crap that you often see. :)