Friday, January 12, 2007


What Should Have Been...

...was this!

This is a model of what the original Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, UK, was to look like. It is now preserved in a conservation studio. The inside would have looked like this:

and this:

These and other pics of what should have been will soon be on display at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. I'm sure people will be scratching their heads saying, "We could have had this lovely cathedral in our city, but instead they built a power plant to worship in! Why?!" Instead, they got this:

Bright spot: the music there is very good!

Hat tip to Matthew at NLM. (BTW, Kudos on your blog's new look, Shawn!)


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Demolish the one that was actually built and build the designed one!

Gavin said...

The music there IS amazing... I wish I could do the Langlais Missa Salve Regina! I think in this case rather than advocating demolition and spending millions on a monument, we can safely applaud the good work being done there at least by the music director. Once I can top what they're doing, then I'll start bitching about their building :P