Wednesday, January 3, 2007


This time my wife's camera was used for more positive purposes. We just finished our Christmas concert this evening. For being shorthanded, I was very pleased with the turnout, and the sound. OK - why were we shorthanded? One singer down in Florida visiting husband who is stationed there with the Reserves, one singer in California for the funeral of a family member, one singer with a prior commitment, and two out sick. While we pray for those people, we seven did quite well - four sopranos, two tenors, and yours truly singing bass.

Special thanks to:
Mr. Reuel Gifford, our guest accompanist (note: the organ console is down back, so even with a mirror, watching me direct up front can sometimes be a challenge, but he endured the challenge well)
Mr. Nick Fleming, our trumpeter
Mr. Conrad Briere, our violinist
Mrs. Maria Monteiro, who made the red sash thingies that we wore for the concert and at Midnight Mass as well
Mrs. Jude Nagle, our cantor
Fr. Jay Finelli (the iPadre), for his tireless support
The staff and parishioners of Holy Ghost Church, for their tireless support
My wife and kids, plus my mother, for their tireless support

It was a fun night!

ad orientem: yours truly
front row: our tenors, Dolores and Val
back row: our sopranos, Jude, Maria, Ana, and Rylie.
far right on violin: Conrad
far left (hidden behind people): Nick

Might be a little blurry due to the Christmas tree lights.

Here I introduce Laetentur Caeli and its origin before we sing it.

Yours truly at left, with our guest accompanist, as well as my longtime friend and mentor, Reuel.

BTW, yes the dates on the pictures are way off (just two years and two days to be exact). We never got around to fixing that, so every pic we take comes with a date of 01/01/2005.

Expect some really cool surprises for next year!


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DominiSumus said...

I am sorry that I had to miss the concert. It sounds like it was great. I will have to ask around and see if I know anyone who went.