Monday, January 22, 2007


The Re-definition thereof

As Fr. Gonzales correctly states, liturgy committees are weapons of Mass destruction (note the capital "M").

Let's not forget the following also fit the WMD category:
- Liturgeists (those liturgists who insist that "say the black and do the red" just isn't enough)
- Guitars
- Glory and Praise and Gather hymnals (and about 90% of the contents therein)
- Two bishops and a cardinal (Trautman, Brown, and Mahony)
- Liturgical dance
- Barney blessings
- Lay homilists (including eulogists at funeral Masses)

Side note on liturgy committees:
At one parish I worked, we had this one liturgy committee where it was two ladies, the pastor and myself. The two ladies would pretty much do all the talking. I couldn't get much in edgewise. The pastor would fall asleep on his recliner.
Holy Name in Providence was an exception to the liturgy committee rule - every department head basically reported their work to the pastor. We all had our own jobs - no one stepped on toes. Something new came up, we'd report our progress. It was great! Again, there were no "buttinskis". Everyone (including myself) left the meeting happy. Definitely an exception for a liturgy committee.
Holy Ghost, thankfully, has no liturgy committee. Anything special gets communicated directly with the pastor. Perfect! First Communion gets communicated with the grade 1-5 CCD coordinator. Confirmation gets communicated with the grade 6-10 CCD coordinator. We have no multiple liturgeists here, and only Mass is celebrated at Mass (no foolish pageants or little kiddies singing Hi God! style songs up front - oh gitchy gitchy goo!).

Say the black and do the red! Works every time!


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