Friday, January 12, 2007


in response to one of my posts

I just got a really cool e-mail from Fr. Joel McNeil, in response to a post I wrote back in November reviewing his new parish church, St. William Church in Round Rock, TX, where, like I said before, everything's big (including that 80 MPH daytime speed limit out in the western part of the state). I'm going to take the liberty of sharing this with y'all.

Dear Brian,

Thank you for your kind words about our new church.
It was a project 7 years in the making.

We want it to evangelize those outside the church and inspire those inside the church.

Just a note: we are working on getting a really nice organ !!

The company that will build the organ is a very respected company.
The organ is being specially designed for the space.
And we are working on raising the $$$.

When will it be in?
Maybe Easter...maybe...

We have other pieces of art that are going to be installed in the next few months:
restored stations of the cross 5 feet tall,
more large statues carved in Italy,
some stained glass pieces,
maybe a mural showing Jesus bestowing the keys upon Peter.

It is a beautiful church.
But as I told the parishioners, we are not building a museum.
May its beauty remind of God who is the source of all beauty.
May it grandeur remind of God who is all great.
May the glory of this building inspire us to glorify God in all we do.

At every committee meeting we prayed that God would lead us to build a structure
that would serve to build up His kingdom and save souls.

I think God has helped us to do that.

Wishing you God's Blessings,
Fr. Joel

Yeah, I did mention the lack of an organ. I'm ecstatic that one is in the works. This really is a church building with class. Fr. McNeil's catechesis on the church's beauty is impeccable.
Best of luck with your new church, and thanks for your kind letter.

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It sounds awesome.