Monday, March 12, 2007


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Today's feature topic is the hymnody of St. Gregory the Great (Pope St. Gregory I), namely his contributions for Lent. Two of those hymns we sing using an English translation - both to the same tune. Can you name them? If not, stay tuned!

Feasts for the week: St. Patrick. For more information: New Advent Website.
Christus Vincit Semi-Live on the High Trail with the Bitmap: A new mysterious cowboy has come to town - the Bitmap, who reads the music list for the Third Sunday of Lent.

Attende, Domine (Chant, Mode V); I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (tune: Kingsfold)
The Glory of these Forty Days (tune: Erhalt Uns, Herr)
There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (tune: In Babilone)
As Long as There Were Water, by Greg Willits (yes, THE Greg Willits of Rosary Army fame!), brought to you by the Podsafe Music Network.

Commercials: Catholic Rockers, iPadre Podcasting Network, Disciples with Microphones
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Living Waters Edition, brought to you by the Liturgical Experimenter's Guide to Lent.
Additional Link: Holy Ghost Church

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