Monday, March 12, 2007


These make a great pair!

This Wednesday marks the second anniversary of St. Raphael Cathedral in Madison, WI, destroyed by fire. I'm happy to learn that Bishop Morlino has called on Duncan Stroik as his advisor for the building of a new cathedral. Now, learning that a final decision by Bp. Morlino won't be made until just after Easter, one can hope and pray that it's Professor Stroik who gets the job, as he has a reputation for building beautiful new churches.

Stroik, whom Bishop Robert Morlino introduced as a trusted friend and adviser, invited an audience Thursday to imagine the fire-gutted St. Raphael's Cathedral, a historic church off the Capitol Square, replaced by something more grand.
"With the Cathedral of St. Raphael you have the opportunity, maybe even the obligation, to build something that speaks with, and politely debates, the Capitol and university," Stroik told area Catholics at the O'Connor Catholic Pastoral Center as part of a lecture series.
- Newspaper Article from the Capital Times (Madison, WI)

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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Pish posh. He should know better, that he needs to hire a REAL artist and architect, like Dick Vosko.