Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I got a bunch of these cat pics - 10 of them - from my wife. I'm going to do my best to caption these, but if you think you have a better caption, leave a comment and I might just include it. Or I could do it the Cannonball way and just announce the winner. I'm debating. Anyhoo, without further ado, here are today's cats!

1. Dang liturgical dancers! What do they think this is? Richard Simmons or something???

2. Here I am, Lord,
in a box, Lord,
trying to escape
Los An-ga-leez!
Ship me out, Lord,
and release me
to an Indult Mass,
oh please, please, please!

3. Here are those door prizes for the Christmas bazaar!

4. These cats are reading How to Wreck a Liturgy, A Pictoral Tutorial, and getting a charge out of the MahonyFest Booty Shakers!

5. This little feline friend is simply having a siesta in the old country.

6. WAIT! The Gospel reading for Lent IV, Year C, says "Kill the fattened CALF!" Not "Kill the fattened CAT!"

7. Too much partying with the fattened cat.

8. Wake up, my friends! We must get to Candy Mountain!

9. A new breed of Poncho Ladies has emerged!

10. Hi Mom! Look what I learned at MahonyFest!



The Crescat said...

well the cat in the box and the side caption is the funniest. But the best pic is the herd of cats in the shade.

I am sorry to see you have fallen prey to candy mountain too. LOL

rhapsody said...

I agree with CC...

but under all that fur, that fattened cat might not be all that meaty, anyway.