Friday, March 2, 2007

Baby Update

Well, here is the 20 week sonogram. Unfortunately, Little One was not being cooperative, so we don't know the sex. At this point, I think we've decided to just wait and be surprised. The only reason my wife really wanted to know was so we could go register for gifts. But we had to register the Monday after the ultrasound because that was the only day she's off before the baby showers start, and the patter we decided on was not boy/girl specific anyway.

Due Date is June 30, and it looks like a healthy baby so far. St. Gerard, pray for us!



Kristin said...

If she's not being cooperative, she's probably a girl, her daddy has his work cut out for him!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Ahhh, just beautiful! Don't worry about the registering for gifts. Just ask for diapers...and more diapers. They are gender neutral and sooooo necessary! Also, gift cards for diapers are good. Yay! Half-way done!