Sunday, March 4, 2007


Not here, but at The Spirit's Sword!

I took it. The question is:
Should the Music of Haugen, Haas, and the St.Louis Jesuits be banished from Catholic Masses?

The choices are (results as of the time I voted in parentheses):
* Let's get back to Latin chants (29%)
* Yes, most definately (sic) (29% -- this was my vote)
* Well, some yes. (6%)
* No, the occasional one is Ok (24%)
* No, they are the Traditional Catholic Hymns (6% -- the obviously misinformed!)
* I don't know who Haugen, Haas or the St. Louis Jesuits Are? (6% -- the fortunate ones!)

Go over to the Spirit's Sword 2 (one of our two Canadian blogs on our rolls), scroll down the sidebar a little and vote!


1 comment:

Argent said...

No, they are the Traditional Catholic Hymns

6%?? Oy, vey.