Saturday, August 4, 2007


For those still stuck in the Responsorial Psalm syndrome (like myself and many others), Jeff Ostrowski has a WAY COOL FAR OUT EXCELLENT complete Responsorial Psalm project for the entire three-year liturgical cycle. What's nice too is that they are free (but please give the guy proper credit, ok). The Psalms are extremely well-written, with accompaniment (intended for ORGAN, not piano or keyboard) - metrical refrain (some with multiple melodies and/or multiple harmonies) with Psalm Tone verses.

I very highly recommend these and may start programming these for some Sundays of the 2007-2008 choral season at Holy Ghost Church.

RSCT to Jeffrey Tucker/NLM.



DominiSumus said...

Absolutely awesome. I was just saying this morning that I needed to find some new psalm tones.

Anita Moore said...

Ah, an alternative to the hideous and depressing Owen Alstott ditties!

Brian Michael Page said...

I found a lot of the Alstott (Respond and Acclaim) Psalm settings from the OCP missile to be very weak - some better fit for "Hi God" than even a missalette of any kind. There are a couple in that set I don't mind using, but a couple is all there is - there ain't no more!

I've been using Tone 8 for most of the summer now. That and Gelineau (still a good set to this day) are what the people of Holy Ghost have been thriving on since I got there. They've been bringing the roof down with the Psalm Tone.

As for our fellow CV bloggers, I see Nick's lists often - he switches between Gelineau and Guimont (Guimont's got some good ones too). Jason, if I'm not mistaken, was using Basilica Psalter (Jay Hustinger??? / Liturgical Press), also a good set.

The two sets I stay away from very strictly are GIA's Celebration Series and OCP's Singing the Psalms. You will never see either of those sets on my organ's music rack.