Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I wanted to wring some throats at the 4:30 Mass last Saturday. Three times I heard a cell phone go off. The first two times were at moments that didn't involve music (and the ring tone was hip hop - probably both times the same phone, to make matters worse). The third time the ring tone was closer to an actual phone ring. But since this was at the offertory, the hymn was finished, and I was giving Father a little bit of walking music, once it started ringing, I opened up the organ considerably.

When I'm at Holy Mass, my phone stays home because I'm always afraid I'd forget to shut mine off, and I don't like leaving it unattended in my van. Although my church is in a rather quiet town, it's still just blocks from a very busy city (with very busy police).

So, on behalf of the entire CV staff, I leave my friendly reminder for those who enter the house of God:

Friendly enough?


Anonymous said...

At my church, we have two signs that say "Please turn off your cell phone. I God wants to talk to you, he will do it through prayer."

Carol ReMarks said...

Amen! I leave my out in the car! I can't believe these people who bring in their cell phones to MASS. Good gracious! I am sorry but there is no excuse for that kind of stuff.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Thank you BMP!

Two weeks ago I actually had someone answer a cellphone in the church during Mass. The parishioners said I had fire coming out of my eyes.

Mary said...

At our parish we have it printed in bold letters in our order of worship...and before mass begins our cantor announces clearly to turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices at this time. And we still have 2-3 cells going off in the middle of mass...of course this is the Cathedral parish in a major I guess you can't win them all. I leave mine in the sacristy completely off.