Tuesday, August 21, 2007


...is Puff over at The Spirit's Sword. In light of my nine part review of the 2008 OCP Music Issue (each blue word links to a different section) Puff has started the Canadian review. Yup, she's doing pieces on Catholic Book of Worship III. Keep checking The Spirit's Sword for updates.



Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I'm honoured.

Vox Cantoris said...

CBW III is, in this Cantor and Schola Director's humble opinion, a travesty. How can a Catholic hymnal not contain, (Nicaea) Holy, Holy, Holy? If you don't pay attention to the words you can't sing--words change to so-called, "inclusive language" and in some cases, an example, Immaculate Mary and Faith of Our Fathers--entire verses are changed. There was no reason for this. On the other hand, CBWII which was published in 1980 is far superior than III. The structure of the book is terrible, all Kyrie's grouped together instead of by Mass setting requires constant page reference turning. The choir edition's size is inconvenient. We can only hope that CBWIV at whatever point it happens (the new translations will make this necessary) fixes these errors. Either that, or you can forget any hope for parish music in Canada.