Friday, August 17, 2007

Trouble in Paradise?

I just received a packet of "items" sung by the choir at Fr. Russo's previous parish. Among them was an abundance of Haugen/Haas and a couple Christopher Walker ditties (GIA and OCP abounding, and of course the ubiquitous "illegal copies" that generally accompany actual printed muzak from those organizations). Perhaps the best approach will be to cite the publishers' and the come-posers' links to NPM as a starting place to express the fact that such schlock is anathema in the Fatima choir library. Something like saying "he's a Freemason", or "He's a grand wizard of the KKK." At any rate, the music department is broke (hat tip to office renovations), so we won't be purchasing any of these lovely cow patties any time soon, anyway. And this Director of Music is not copying GIA scores of Now We Complain. I'd rather chew Reynolds wrap. Plus, such an action would not be in keeping with my good standing as a member of the Society for the Moratoreum on the Myoozik of Haugen/Haas.

I still laugh, fondly remembering that the local NPMers hosted good Chris Walker a few years ago. They even put together a kwyer for him to conduct to yodle his toonz. They used Fatima Church as their venue (not because it's organist is a member, but just because it's the largest church in the diocese and they wanted to impress their "guest my-strow". The Fatima organist was conspicuously absent for the performance). When the gig was over, the local NPM high priestesses were shocked and dismayed that good Chris actually wanted to sell his CD's and such. They actually thought (does the N in NPM stand for naive? It must!) that Chrisy-pie was in Lafayette not for the money, but because he was such an excellent pastoral (barf!) musician. Zoinks.

The packet of cow dung will remain atop my filing cabinet comprehensively to Gather dust (pardon the pun).


Brian Michael Page said...

Man I hope your new boss isn't actually supporting that kind of crap.

Scelata said...

"Now We Complain,".... priceless!

You have inspired me to finish a song on which I have been working (the tune should be obvious.)

The first verse:
Let us have a place, where we can sit,
In peace and just relax,
Where sermons never challenge us,
Or get down to brass tacks.
Where all behavior's welcome!
There's no call to change your life,
Because telling folks we need conversion,
Need conversion, need conversion,
Hurts our feelings, and leads to strife.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)