Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yes, that's "Cheeze" spelt with a "z", most likely to label the kind of music you are likely to hear in most parishes that have the Music Issue with Issues or Gather Apprehensive. Anyhoo, here's a cool parody from Scelata. The tune should be a gimme.

Must there be cheeze in church?
And must it be sung by me?
Cheap, sentiments of which
The focus is I, not He?

Just praise our Creator!
Why is that so hard?
Wallowing in how we feel
Is silly self-regard.

Let cheeze be banned in church,
Let this be the moment, now,
With every breath we take,
Let this be our solemn vow,
To take our song, and address our song
To Him, eternally!
Ban not just cheez in church,
But ego-centricity!


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