Monday, August 6, 2007


Leave it to those guys to twist things around - like the demands of a liturgy document such as Liturgiam Authenticam. This from Chironomo:

The most recent edition of Pastoral Music (August-September 2007) is a fascinating read for those who are accustomed to the usual fare given in this publication. Nearly the entire edition is concerned with musical reform, however the concept of musical reform is never mentioned…not even once! Instead, there seems to be a movement here to make it seem as though all of these innovative ideas are coming from the minds at NPM. (Yeah, and maybe screw a few more things up in the process while they're at it!)
Michael McMahon, President of NPM, pens a curious look at the Directory for Music suggested by the Bishops in November of 2006 in “Establishing Criteria for Liturgical Songs”. From the outset, he misses the point entirely…. Liturgiam Authenticam doesn’t call for establishing criteria for liturgical songs… it calls for establishing a fixed repertoire of liturgical texts to be used for singing. There is a huge difference, which apparently the Bishops missed as well. (OK - so who started it? The Bishops or NaPalM?)

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Also, a big RSCT to Dad29, who not only points out Chironomo's post, but adds:
Given the inclinations of the current Pope, NAP(AL)M might be ceding membership to the Church Music Association of America over the next 10 years, because CMAA actually gets it.

The CMAA, however, would have to keep those faithful NaPalM'ers on a short leash.

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