Saturday, August 11, 2007


Dad29 has the goods on a Poncho Lady™ from West Bend, Wisconsin being ordained in Minneapolis. Thankfully Archbishop Dolan of Milwaukee has enough sense to call such "ordinations" "simulated and invalid".

Dad29 also rightfully states, "Poncho Ladies can be identified because they wear ponchos (pretending that they are chasubles, which are worn by priests.)" I must add that these very ponchos could very easily be acquired at your neighborhood job lot, dollar store, Building 19, and maybe even Goodwill.

He also reminds us, There is also a typo in the article. Ms. Iaquinta did not "discern a call." In reality, she suffers from "delusions of a call." You would think someone her age would have outgrown playing pretend.

As you can see above, these ladies did something even more economical - think bed sheets and tie dye! I'm sure we all wish them well in founding their own religion, because it sure as hell ain't Catholic! BTW, this pic came from Dad29. However, he credited CV for other poncho pics. We're not alone. You can find these in several blogs if you're good at searching. On our blog, just scroll down in our sidebar, look for "Poncho Ladies™" under "Categories" and you'll find stories, pics, and plenty of HT's and RSCT's where there are even more stomach-wrenching stories and pics.

As Brittany (my daughter) says, Poncho ladies, poncho ladies, poncho ladies, ewwwwwwwwwwww!


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Jason Pennington said...

Back home in Arkansas, we just called 'em dykes.