Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Actually, I have returned with a bang!

Yes, Nick is right - I spent from 12:30 PM last Saturday till 5 PM today in Miriam Hospital in Providence. I went in there Saturday with the nastiest unexplainable stomach pains. I barely, and I mean FREAKIN' BARELY, made it through the 11:00 funeral I had that morning, then making the beeline up I-195 to Miriam Hospital. After all, my wife insisted I get my butt over there after the funeral.

One of the pluses of Miriam Hospital, besides being closer to my family, is that they're well-known for their excellent coronary services there. Of course, when I pointed out to triage where my pains were, I was actually put on a heart monitor that day. Another really strange thing was that the guy in triage did my blood pressure in BOTH arms - - - there was a 30 point difference in blood pressure between the two arms!!! That, to me, just gave a whole new meaning to "bat shit crazy!"

Anyways, it turned out (after a cat scan Saturday, an MRI on Sunday, and endoscopy on Monday) that I had infections in the abdominal area - and they put the right antibiotics in my IV as I was getting admitted.

Right now I'm happy as a pig in $&!+ to be home. Special thanks to Nick for posting my original quick reply yesterday. I'll be doing more later on. I won't be doing a new podcast this week, but I will have one probably Monday or Tuesday or so in the coming week.

Finally, special thanks to all for your prayers.


Scelata said...

Delighted to see you back posting.
Be well!

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

rhapsody said...

Geez, so sorry to hear you've been ill - glad you're getting better!

Get the rest you need, & God bless!

Mary said...

I was beginning to get worried by your silence. Glad your back at home, and are recovering.