Friday, January 11, 2008


Septuagesima is sneaking up quickly!

The other day I e-mailed the music list to the music director at St. Leo's for the Extraordinary Form Mass we're doing on 1/20/08. Of course, I forgot that Easter is coming up so early that there's no such thing as a mere "Sunday after Epiphany" this year. THE Sunday after Epiphany (this Sunday) is the Feast of the Holy Family (which trumps Baptism of the Lord in the Extraordinary Form, though its fixed date, January 13, is a Sunday - thank you for pointing that out Jason). The following Sunday is NOT the Second Sunday after Epiphany as I originally sent the list for, but Septuagesima. Why so early? Because Ash Wednesday is on 2/6. Therefore:

1/20: Septuagesima Sunday
1/27: Sexagesima Sunday
2/4: Quinquagesima Sunday

So, as early as January 20, the Gloria will be dropped, the Alleluia will be replaced by the Tract, and the Mass vestments will be violet, not green. Many of the propers will have more of a "penitential flavor" to it, very similar to much of Lent or even the last few Sundays after Pentecost. For that reason, I've heard this "mini-season" of Septuagesima referred to as that "little Lent before Lent".

So, tomorrow I'll be delivering the corrected list to the music director. I'll be posting the final list this Sunday.



Jason Pennington said...

Of course this year, since Jan. 13 is a Sunday, the Baptism of the Lord is not celebrated, rather, we sing the Mass of the Holy Family -- Extraordinary Form, I mean.


Brian Michael Page said...

For some reason I thought the Baptism of the Lord had trumped Holy Family on its fixed date. Oops. All fixed. Thanks mon!