Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have it right here. Rich at Catholic Light sent me this by e-mail.

Here I Am, Lord/Ecce Ego
Translated into Latin by Father James Buffer

Deus maris et caeli / Plorantes meos audivi
Habitans in tenebris / Salvabitur

Stellas noctis quae feci / Tenebras inlustrabo:
Quis portabit meam lucem? / Iis mittam quem?

Ecce ego / Sumne ille? / Te vocantem nocte audivi
Ibo, Domine / Te ducente / Gentem tuam corde tenebo

This reminds me of the little project Jason and I undertook over four years ago - long before either of us knew what a blog was. Jason had translated Hail Mary/Gentle Woman into Latin (Ave Maria/Clemens Mulier), and I had converted (the former Rev.) Carey Landry's hideous melody into chant. It was nearly unrecognizable. It's too bad I lost the only copy I had, thanks to an infamous mill fire that took some houses with it (including mine).



Al said...

Interestingly enoug we sang this song (In English) as the closing song at Mass at my parish yesterday.

I like the song. But I suspect it will sound a lot better in Latin.

Jason Pennington said...

WOW! The English version is pretty ego-centric, but this Latin version is the the epidome of eg-centric...Ecce ego! LMAO! Quite literally "Look, it's me!". Good job on the translation.

I remember preparing the translation of Hail, Mary Gentle. I've lost track of it since then myself. The plainchant Landry was a hoot as well. The chant texture really was like putting whipped cream on a hot dog.

In response to Al's comment, my spies told me that Here Be I, Dude also figured into the new fast-food Muzak menu at by former perish. We were slated to sing the Hassler Cantate Domino yesterday.

Brian Michael Page said...

The big highlight of my two Ordinary Form Masses yesterday (for me) is that I successfully talked the cantors for BOTH Masses OUT of Here Me Is, Lard - not bad for the lowly substitute that I am. (Who's that lowly sub to change someone else's hymn picks?)

Simply putting 26-1/2 years of experience to work in the way I know best. :D

Jason Pennington said...

I hear ya, Brian!