Thursday, January 24, 2008


Video highlights of the funeral of the Most Reverend Daniel A. Hart, Bishop Emeritus of Norwich, Connecticut, can be found at The Day.

Doug Green's an excellent music director, serving at Norwich's St. Patrick's Cathedral for an x-amount of years now. Music selections (at least shown here) are excellent. Choir, organ, and orchestra were very good. That dang cantor and her vibrato has to go! There was absolutely NO reason she should be at the microphone drowning out the choir like this. None whatsoever. Sing your Psalm verses and BACK AWAY FROM THE DAMN MIC PLEASE!

GIA used to sell buttons that said BACK OFF! LET THE PEOPLE SING! What ever happened to them???



Anonymous said...

ahh, she seemed a few beats behind the choir too

DominiSumus said...

Darn, I don't have speakers here. I have to wait until I get home to listen.

By the way, the deacon standing on the side of Bishop Mansell is an old friend who is also a blogger. His blog has gone without updates for quite some time at

Jason Pennington said...

That wasn't a vibrato. That was a warble. The poor gal has attended too many NPM workshops, it seems. And those crazy airplane landing arm-waves! Is she signaling a jumbo jet to land in the nave?

CRUCIFER at the procession was sooooooo slow and choppy. How about a melodic line there, choir? The organ seemed to encourage that choppy line: "Lift. High. The. Cross. The. Love. Of. Christ. Pro. Claim. Till. All. The. World. A. Dore. His. Ho. O. Ly. Name."