Friday, January 25, 2008


Aristotle put it well:
Any religion reporter who trots out the canard “the priest turns his back to the people” when describing the celebration of Mass ad orientem is a religion reporter to whose work I can turn my back.

I like that one!

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Jason Pennington said...

Hats off to Aristotle! I love the word canard. There are loads of catholic canards, and all of them are the security blankets of the 1960's hippie catholics who are so affraid that "their" mass will suddenly, actually, one day be a Roman Rite. Other canards we're so used to: "we need conscious active participation", "the people don't know that hymn, so we can't use it", "the people don't want Latin", "it's what the people want", "the people want to recieve communion in their hand", "the people don't like to kneel for communion","the people don't understand the mass in Latin", and my personal fav: "the choir is there to support the singing". Behold the beloved catholic canards. In everyday terms, oh, sorry, "the vernacular", we call 'em "Psych hang-up's". On their days off, Priests giggle and titter among themselves at their tea parties (pinkies up, ladies!) as they share make-up and grooming tips and the latest retro fashions from House of Hanson ("did you see that rose fiddle back!? It set the parish back thousands, but he looked like a million Euros!") and term the use of these phrases "let's spin the truth so we can get what we want." Do we hear a rousing refrain of "yes, Father!"