Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Well, not the Catechism itself, but how it's taught in CCD (and maybe even in some Catholic schools too)...

Overheard in one of the medieval galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, during a conversation between two trendy young ladies in jeans and (pretend) riding boots.
"And this is the Annunciation, when she got knocked up."

Matthew over at Holy Whapping, who wrote the above, also says:

*I can't decide if this is worse than the catechism class I heard about when one of the kids asked "why Jesus had to get whacked."

Argent has the cure:

Dust off the Baltimore Catechism and put away those pink-butterfly-covered-CCD workbooks...Why again did burlap and felt and glue become more important than teaching the Doctrine of the Faith? Another generation wasted at the altar of self-worship catechesis.

Speaking of those pink-butterfly-covered-CCD workbooks... Has anyone ever noticed that in the rare photos of a scene in church posted in said workbooks, it's one of those hideous mid-to-late-60's-built churches, and the guitar group, not the organ, is shown? We can't possibly sing of perdy little pink butterflies on a pipe organ now, can we?



Adrienne said...

Well, you at least have to give them credit for having a tiny clue, no matter how inelegantly it was verbalized.
Teaching the uncatechized 7th – 12th graders is no picnic and we take our gifts in whatever form they come:)

DominiSumus said...

::::cowering:::: Flashbacks! Flashbacks! Make them stop. I see Carey Landry people!