Friday, January 25, 2008


or "The Los Ahn-ghe-leez Religious Misedu-ma-cation Congress"

Over My Dead, Burnt, and Bleeding Body
Amongst the speakers:
"musical vandals Haaugen and Haas"

Part of the multis rooting Father Erik on, I remain peacefully,

PS: WOOHOO! Go Father Erik!

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Jason Pennington said...

This was a great blog entry! The Diocese of Lafayette needs Fr Erik! Common knowledge here among the thinking and conscious faithful is that the collective I.Q. and sensibility of the local clergy dropped about 75% (a conservative estimate) as soon as Lake Charles received its new bishop. It also sounds like Fr. Erik is unabashed to speak his mind, that is, to publicly use common sense. That's usually an anathema practice in this diocese, let me tell ya! Common sense generally works like an atom bomb when combatting the "spirit of Vatican II". Kudos, Father!