Saturday, September 9, 2006


Not the Elton John song by that same title

This morning for the first time ever, I played a funeral Mass in Spanish. This was not at my regular parish church, but at an inner-city church in Providence. After reading some feedback and suggestions from some people from a couple of message boards, my final liturgy sheet looked like this (the church has Celebramos/Let Us Celebrate, World Library Publications' bi-lingual missalette):

Introit: Yo soy el Pan de vida (I am the Bread of life/Toolan)
Psalm: El SeƱor es mi pastor (Psalm 23/Psalm Tone 8G)
Alleluia: Mode VI
Offertory: Pescuador de Hombres (Lord, you have come/Gabarain)
Sanctus/Agnus: Mass XVIII (Latin)
Communion: Lu Ruda Lucha Termino (The strife is o'er/VICTORY)
- My original plan was Deiss' "Acuerdate de Jesuchristo" (Keep in Mind), but the missalette had the refrain only and I could not find the accompaniment book.
Farewell: (I don't remember the title, but it was the Spanish version of "Come to his/her aid, O saints of God", which I sung to Psalm Tone 5)
Recessional: In Paradisum

I thought my Spanish was a little shaky (I near stuttered a couple of times), but the pastor there thought my Spanish was fine. I can read it OK at best. I will not attempt to hold a conversation in Spanish, however. Was a good experience though, and a couple of Spanish mourners saw me and also said I did fine. So, they're happy, I'm happy.


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