Saturday, September 30, 2006


Fr. Z's post here.

Active participation is made possible by baptism and by our willed, conscious, active interior union with the action of the Mass and the true Actor, Jesus Christ. Attentive watching and careful listening are not easy, friends. Effort and practice are needed to get past the distractions.


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Jason Pennington said...

This is absolutely correct. We speak here of participation in the philosphical way, not the conversational way (participating in the Mass is NOT the same as participating in a soccer game). For more information regarding the Classical sense of particpation, I might suggest a good, active and conscious re-read of Plato's Republic, specifically the famous Allegory of the Cave.

It is my opinion that the majority of the clueless sort of liturgists (who are themselves in the majority, it seems) 1) choose to ignore the philosphical roots of theological language or 2) are completely unaware that such roots actually exist. I won't even go into the fact that most liturgists lack even the most basic understanding of the Latin language. Unfortunately for us, their vicitims, the directives liturgists are always quoting were codified in Latin and are then misinterpreted and manipulated in English. To use a metaphor: Would you trust a person who is acclaimed as a German literature expert, but who has no idea even how to say "hello" in German?