Thursday, September 28, 2006

Organ Students with Too Much Time on Their Hands....

This came in on the PipOrg-L mailing list. Someone reports what he and his classmates had written to fit the melodies in the Bach "Wachet auf" chorale prelude. (Yes, the hard one, in E-flat with the cantus firmus in the left hand and sixteenth notes in the right). This was going around Oberlin in the 60's-70's.

Maybe they should spend more time practicing fugues and trio sonatas than making up silly songs, LOL. :-)



(for the right hand countermelody:)

We all can play the organ (organ)
Ever so clear and brightly!
We play the Six Sonatas (natas)
Pedalling oh so lightly.
We do not employ the swell expression shade
To manipulate them is verboten!
No strings, just foundations,
With flutes and mutations;
And this we heed (we heed)
The cantus firmus is played on a reed (a reed)
And we shall do our best to stay right on the beat ...
To do so is (trill sound here) quite a feat.

The c.f. was "J.S. Bach, we do adore thee;"
I don't remember what the pedal part was (chuckle).

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