Thursday, September 21, 2006


With certain conditions met, yes! TNLM correspondent Shawn Tribe has the skinny from Zenit.


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PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Similar to my comments posted at Shawn's site,

As a Cathedral musician myself, I did a recent poll of my colleagues on concert series, and got a different response from almost every person. Some allow non-sacred instrumental music (i.e. the Brandenburg Concerti, Mozart piano sonatas, etc) but not non-sacred vocal/choral music. Some don't allow non-sacred music at all. Some treat each program on a case by case basis. Some charge tickets. Some have a basket at the door. Some have a subscription series, and include "reserved/premium" seating for those who pay the higher prices. Some have an endowment fund.

Bishop and Pastor have decided that concerts in the Cathedral proper must be wholly sacred in nature, however non-sacred "classical"-type music may be performed in our chapel (former parish a block away that was closed and merged into Cathedral), as the chapel's basement is the primary location for a non-profit non-sectarian Academy of Music that provides music education to the less fortunate.

Bottom line is, there are many facets of this document that are not followed at cathedrals throughout the world, including here. Under the direction of our Ordinary, we will continue as we have, even if there is conflict.