Thursday, September 7, 2006

First Choir Rehearsal at the Cathedral

Well, last night we got "off and running" with the first Cathedral Choir rehearsal of the new season. Was missing a few people, but pretty much everyone turned out. Jumped right in and started rehearsing the fall repertoire: getting some known anthems back to speed (Martin "When I Survey", Farrant "Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy's Sake"), looked at some new stuff (Cherwien "Prayer for Peace", Rutter "Open Thou Mine Eyes", Beck "Offertory"). But I think the highlight was sightreading the main choral parts of the Biebl "Ave Maria". They LOVE IT! We'll be using it on Advent IV, and at Lessons and Carols.




Brian Michael Page said...

Is that the HAMBURG tune When I Survey that starts in D and modulates up? (I might have asked that before - if so, my bad)

GO PATS! (Jason's near Saints' territory. I wonder if he roots for them.)

Hey, we'll have to gather the bloggers' favorite NFL teams and do some CV Sports segments on them, eh?


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...




I will have the choir sing our normal Sunday morning Mass, and then be back for Midnight Mass. They normally sing at the 4:30pm vigil, but I'm not calling them in for that.


Brian Michael Page said...

BTW - nice to see the Steelers (less Ben) smoke the Dolphins (or shall we say, "squish the fish").