Thursday, September 14, 2006


Music Meme

Best title ever for a piece of music
Like the Catholic Caveman, who tagged me, I will go with a long title. Sixteen Little Red Noses and a Horse that Sweats by Jim Stafford. (Second would be his I Ain't Sharin' Sharon)

Most underrated guitarist
Wally Bryson of the Raspberries, though the Caveman's choice of Chicago's Terry Kath (1946-1978) is up there. Jim Croce's (+1973) lead acoustic guitarist also ranks up there.

Music that moves me to tears
All by Myself by Eric Carmen, especially the Rachmaninoff piano solo in the 7:13-long album version.

Most unusual lead instrument in a piece of music
That would be Ted Nugent's guitar, played with a violin bow, on his Double Live Gonzo album. In any of my podcasts, it would be Shamus' voice.

Coolest name ever for a Rock 'N Roll band
Gotta love that generic band name from the 1960's, The Band

Worst genre of music ever
It's a tie between Rap and Hip Hop, and that stuff today that people actually have the colossal nerve to call R&B. I'm sorry, when I think R&B, I think BB King. I agree with Caveman that Rap is definitely the "bastard child" of disco, and disco was a bad thing. However, the "bastard child" really turned out to be a "problem child", far worse than its ancestor, IMO.

Best guitar jam
I will agree on Freebird.

Music that's ever scared your kid
I don't remember any particular piece of music that scared any of my kids (remember, I'm a father of four). I can remember music that scared me as a kid, however - that would be anything on the organ by the old bitty of an organist at the neighborhood church, played and/or sung. It was just dang awful! When she finally retired, it was a breath of fresh air. Her replacement came in when I was nine. That replacement and I have been good friends for three decades now.

National Anthem that most gets the blood pumping
Other than the U.S., Canada, and Deutschland, I really don't know many national anthems. I will say Canada. In addition, it's a lot easier to sing than our own here in the U.S., and doesn't blatantly promote rockets and bombs. (George Carlin once said, We have the only national anthem that mentions f***ing rockets and bombs in it!)

OK Brian, who will you tag?
Anyone who dares to read this.



Jeff Miller said...

Best title: Pink Floyd's
"Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict"

Most underated guitarist
Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. He was simply never a showoff. Next would be Randy Rhoads. He was both amazingly talented and humble. Trained on the classical guitar his work with Ozzy is just plain amazing.

Most unusual lead instrument in a piece of music:
Jimmy Page beat Ted Nugent by quite a bit with the violin on a guitar bit with Zep's first album with Dazed and Confused and he also used a theremin.
Though I do like Terrible Ted and even have an autographed poster from him. The Kinks though are the only band I can think of that can use an accordion and not suck.

Coolest name:
Galactic Cowboys or Our Lady Peace

Worse genre:
Disco of course.

Best guitar jam.
Difficult though Freebird is a good choice. Cause We've ended as lovers by Jeff Beck has one the most amazing jams I have ever heard - he just went into hyperdrive all of a sudden. Jimmy Page on Since I've been loving you still gives me chills. Hendrix's Voodoo Child is simply amazing. I guess I could go on all day with this one.

PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

BEST TITLE: "How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?" -- Red Clay Ramblers


MUSIC THAT MOVES ME TO TEARS: "Ave Maria" -- Franz Biebl, as sung by Chanticleer


COOLEST BAND NAME: Strawberry Alarm Clock

WORST GENRE: Music is music. There is value in all genres, even if it doesn't appeal to me personally.

BEST GUITAR JAM: Carlos Santana, in "Oye Como Va", would probably be my call...


NATIONAL ANTHEM: the old Soviet Union anthem.

Brian Michael Page said...

CC, you mention David Foster. I'm a big of Chicago's earlier stuff. Since David Foster took over production in the early 80's, the band was never the same. Don't get me wrong - "Hard for me to say I'm sorry" isn't a bad tune (IMO), but give me "25 or 6 to 4", "Make me smile", and "I'm a man" anyday (the last was penned by Steve Winwood, but the late Terry Kath's guitar playing was a force to be reckoned with). Oh, and that 9-1/4 minute "Sing a mean tune kid" that I haven't heard in ages.