Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OT 25 at the Cathedral

Prelude: "The peace may be exchanged." (from RUBRICS) -- Dan Locklair

Entrance: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty / LOBE DEN HERREN

Gloria: Carroll T. Andrews (Peter Jones at 11 am)

Psalm 54: Michel Guimont

Celtic Alleluia

Offertory Anthem (11am): Prayer for Peace -- David Cherwien

Offertory Hymn: Prayer of St. Francis

Sanctus: Vermulst Peoples Mass
Acclamation: Eugene Englert in C
Danish Amen

Agnus Dei: Isele in D

Communion Motet (11am): O Sacrum Convivium -- Remondi (St. Greg Hymnal)

Communion Hymn: At that First Eucharist / UNDE ET MEMORES

Recessional Hymn: Father, We Thank Thee / RENDEZ A DIEU

Postlude: Lobe den Herren -- J. G. Walther


Brian Michael Page said...

The Remondi was a big hit at Holy Name. The only problem I had for a while was at the ending alleluias, where the old school sopranos would mistake the two-eighth-note pick'um-up with a dotted-eighth-and-16th-note pick'um-up.

I used to almost overexaggerate the dynamics for a really cool effect.


Michael Olbash said...

Decent stuff here, NB. I could go to Mass there without gritting my teeth. (Well, I probably would grit temporarily during the Sebastian Temple ditty, and thus deposit fewer bills in the collection basket... but, my guess is that it probably has the exact opposite effect on the bluehair set!) If I had an RC job, I'd probably do a more chant-based Marier-esque program; but, hey, that's why I've held seven RC jobs in 15 years (and even been fired from 2 of 'em!)

Anyhow, thanks for surfing my lame, fledgling blog. No, I never visited Yeungling while driving through PA, but I did have a few bottles of it out in Illinois one summer. What I tried wasn't all that great, but sometimes the bottle is not an accurate representation of what the brewer originally intended, especially if the liquor store (what BMP and I would probably call a "packie" in true New England form) let it sit around too long and get all skunky.

The one time I was in Harrisburg was when I was driving from D.C. to Chicago and I got hungry right about then. I usually have a good nose for finding a microbrewery, or an organic raw bar, or a top-notch steakhouse, or some other foodie establishment in any given medium-to-large city. I've done it in virtually every city in the northeast. I figured, hey, it's the state capital, there must be some decent food there. (I remembered that from my toddler years when I had nothing better to do than memorize useless and inane information -- "But, Dad, I SWEAR! It really IS Jefferson City!") Well, my radar didn't work. Is there any good food in Harrisburg? Did I just have a "bad radar day"?

I'm starting my fourth year with my rather un-UCC-ish UCC church. It's been great -- I get to subversively program all my Catholic favorites, and they give me a nice paycheck. I have an RC church behind my house, so I can sneak over for authentic sacraments under cover of darkness! mwa ha ha.

-- mjo

Brian Michael Page said...

Yup - we still have "packies" here. The biggest one around here is actually in MA - Yankee Spirits in South Attleboro. It used to be an Almacs supermarket before that chain folded.
What tickles my fancy (even though I don't drink liquor - period) is New Hampshire's chain of state-owned packies.
Funnier is that I think RI is the only state in New England that doesn't sell beer in convenience stores like our MA and NH neighbors.

As for the "Temple ditty" - I've heard a lot worse from the pen of Temple, and in some of my former parishes where the dilemma arises between "Make me a channel of your peace" and "Let there be peace on earth", I'll take the former anyday. (at least it's based on an actual prayer)


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

The Temple is what my pastor/rector like to call "throwing a bone" to the handful of people that like to make noise about contemporary music. "Throw them a bone, and go back to normal next week" is what he tells me. As you follow my service lists, you'll see the variety. When we hit Advent, you'll see alot more chant. Two reasons: the "pullback" on instrumental music, and I had once heard (and believe) that the more solemn the season/celebration, the more ancient forms of music & liturgy are to be engaged. Example: other than the Kyrie, where is Greek still part of the Roman Rite? The Reproaches on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday the Gospel is sung in Latin, then sung again in Greek.

On to the important stuff: BEER. I'm curious as to how you got Yuengling in Illinois. I lived there for 2.5 years and no-one had ever heard of it once you got out of eastern Ohio. Had to suffice with Leinenkugel's ("Leinie")...close but not the same. It's also hard to get north of PA, too. When I'd go back to visit my friends in Massachusetts from the summer I worked for CB Fisk, I always had to bring a case of Yuengling Lager to share. :-)

As for food in downtown Harrisburg, it's great now. When did you come through here? 2nd Street in downtown is called "restaurant row" now, and there is anything and everything. Steakhouses, Irish pubs, Italian, mom-pop Chinese, sandwiches, clubs, 20-somethings everywhere on weekends. The newest edition is a Middle Eastern kebab place called "Skewers". They also have hookah pipes available. But 5-10 years ago it was kinda boring. 20 years ago, you didn't come downtown unless you had to, for fear of getting killed. The mayor is in his 25th year, and he's really cleaned up downtown, and is still pressing ahead.

Anyway, that's an awful lot for a comment reply.


Michael Olbash said...

Well, next time you're up visting the old Fisk gang, bring me a few of those ying-lings, 'mkay? I'll trade you a few of my local favorites. Or, better yet, we can do a brewery crawl and dish about liturgy and music!