Monday, September 18, 2006


Now a blog!

It's funny how over the years I've referred to Gather Comprehensive as Gather Apprehensive. Well, now meet Gather Reprehensive - yes: Gather Reprehensive, the Blog! I stumbled onto it (in a good way) via a comment he posted on the Ox Files. I followed the links with a hunch that I was going to like what I see (and I do). Not only is the content good, he even linked us. So, a big snark welcome to Gather Reprehensive to the Christus Vincit Definitive Blogroll!

Oh, and here's GR's sales pitch for the namesake hymnal:

Come. Journey. Dance. Gather.
Feel it. Touch it. Live it. Gather.
Yes, the long-awaited Gather Reprehensive is now available at the Sisters of the Burning Bush Liturgical Goods Shoppe & Reiki Parlour and other fine Christian booksellers and wiccan supply outlets.
Justice. Grain. Moon. All of the meaning, all in one book.



Michael Olbash said...

Thanks for the plug. I'm not quite sure what snarky means, but I'm hoping it's a compliment!?!

Hey, BMP, why haven't we bumped into each other yet? I've lived in the Boston area all my life -- on the Mass./R.I. border for the past year -- but I've never had the occasion to venture to Tiverton.

Brian Michael Page said...

GR - seeing where you are from your church's website, I can say this: I did work in Woonsocket for eight years.