Friday, September 29, 2006

Orchestrations, Anyone?

Ever have to write out an orchestration for instruments, but you can't exactly remember either the transposition or the written range? Happened to me today, writing out a part for a Fluegelhorn. So off I go to the Internet, and found the following website with instrument ranges and transpositions. It's very thorough.

I'll be adding this site to the Links on the sidebar.



Brian Michael Page said...

If this isn't useful to a good conductor/arranger, what is?

Excellent post, brother snark!

Jason Pennington said...

This IS a good site...I had been there myself years ago with (blush) a dastardly French Horn part. Only then, I had to go digging in my own theory books. The ranges are good to know as well, that's usually ultra secret info known only to the players of those instruments, and when you ask a violinist "what's the range of your instrument?", you (at least I have) usually get a glazed over blank stare with the response, "uh, well, we can play pretty high. Show me the note and I'll tell you if I can play it."


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

I had been using my theory book up till now, but this time I had to go further, because a fluegelhorn was not listed in the book. (I knew it was a b-flat instrument, but I didn't know if the range was the same as trumpet or not...)