Friday, September 1, 2006


The big traffic-tyer-upper, reports the Crescat.

Yesterday's episode... a trash bag, old shoe, and a dead possum
Today's episode... a blown out tire on the side of the road
Friday's episode [BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!]... man getting a ticket on the other side of the interstate.

Those were her episodes in the Carolinas. Reminds me so much of Rhode Island. I can recall my wife and I driving to Connecticut one night. Now, while still in RI, we were backed up in Warwick for a good couple of miles. Mind you, this was about 7:30 PM on a summer night. What exactly tied up the traffic? Was it an accident? NO. Was it a cop writing a ticket to someone doing 56 in a 55 zone? NO. Was it road kill, blown tire, breakdown? NONE OF THE ABOVE. No! It was the DOT crew EATING their meal on the Jersey Barrier. So, everyone's gotta slow down and see what the guys are eating. OMG!

Up here in southern New England, remember this:
People tie up traffic in Boston because they're MEAN!
People tie up traffic in Providence because they're STUPID! (Alas, the RhodeIdiot!)

Oh, and one other thing: I'm usually pretty cool about letting other drivers cut in - unless you have a dang cell phone glued to your ear. In that case, you ain't gittin' in fronta me!


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